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This Is Your Brain on God
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Michael Persinger:
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Health and Consciousness:
The Human Energy Field

The basis of human health and consciousness is energy

Survey: Toward the scientific validation of the Human Energy Field (HEF) An Essay : htm MSdoc

The Electromagnetic Foundation of Life
[From the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary ]
Toward an Electromagnetic Paradigm for Biology and Medicine - Work by Lund, Burr, Becker, and others leads to the inescapable conclusion that organisms tend to express quasisystemic electric changes when perturbed, and, conversly, will tend toward wellness either through endogenous repair currents or the application of equivalent external currents. ... [more]

[Rollin McCraty: Science of the Heart: an IONS One Minute Shift video : ]

[Science of The Heart: Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance : ]
The Electricity of Touch: Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Energy Exchange Between People - Key findings: When people touch or are in proximity, one person�s heartbeat signal is registered in the other person�s brainwaves ... [more]

[Heart Brain Physiological Effects : ]

Modulation of DNA by Coherent Heart Frequencies - Paper by Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty provides first experimental evidence to support the hypothesis that positive (coherent) heart states produce physiological results at the DNA level. ... [more]

[NHF: Andrew Goldsworthy, Ph.D : ]

The Cell Phone and the Cell - A discovery made over thirty years ago may hold the key to why weak non ionizing electromagnetic radiation seems to have so many ill effects on health, ranging from exacerbating allergies and autism to reducing fertility and promoting cancer. We now have a plausible scientific explanation for the mechanisms involved. ... [more]


[Abstracted from Lynn McTaggat's book The Field Ch. 3: Beings of Light]
Fritz-Albert Popp on Biophotons - Popp performed tests on 37 chemicals, some carcinogens, and some not. After a while, he could predict which substances could cause cancer: those which absorbed UV light (at 380 nanometers), and emitted it with a changed frequency. The reaction only ocurs for light at 380 nm Those substances which were non-carcinogenic would re-emit the UV light with unchanged frequency. (p 39)
... [more]

[Abstracted from Lynn McTaggat's book The Field Ch. 4: Language of the Cell]
The effect of bio-photons on molecules - As Popp was pondering the larger implications of biophoton emissions, a French scientist had begun looking at the reverse: the effect of this light on individual molecules. Popp believed that bio-photons orchestrated bodily processes, and the French scientist Jacques Benveniste was learning how this process worked. The vibrations of the biophotons Popp had observed in the body caused molecules to vibrate and create their own signature frequency. While Benveniste was director at INSERM, one of its labs had been studying the reaction of certain white blood cells to allergens. (basophil degranulation) One of his best lab techs (Elisabeth Davenas) reported that she had seen and recorded a reaction in the white blood cells, even though there had been too few molecules of the allergen in the solution.
... [more]

[08/01/07: A special issue of the journal Homeopathy, journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy and published by Elsevier, on the �Memory of Water� brings together scientists from around the world for the first time to publish new data, reviews and discuss recent scientific work exploring the idea that water can display memory effects. ]
The memory of water is a reality - Guest editor Professor Martin Chaplin of the Department of Applied Science at London South Bank University, remarks: �There is strong evidence concerning many ways in which the mechanism of this �memory� may come about. There are also mechanisms by which such solutions may possess effects on biological systems which substantially differ from plain water.�
... [more]

HeartMath Research Center: The Memory of Water

[Synopsis of Marco Bischof's Book by Ms. Barbara Guggenheim ]
Biophotons: The Light in Our Cells -
[This book is only available in German language and not yet published in English] Marco Bischof's widely acclaimed book has already sold some 30,000 German-language copies (9th printing) since its publication in March 1995, and the success is continuing. It is the first comprehensive book on the world market for the general and scientific public on one of the hottest fields of frontier science which is about to lead to major conceptual breakthroughs and many useful applications in biophysics, biomedical science, biology, biotechnology, environmental science and food technology.
... [more]

[BION: Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology ]
Ultraweak Bioluminescence -
The findings of this research field are not very well known, although they have been known and studied for over half a century. Research began with the famous Gurwich mitogenetic radiation. Today ultraweak bioluminescence is studied worldwide and includes many important findings. The light emitted from organisms was found to be coherent, laser like, and typically radiating with intensities of a few tens up to few hundreds of photons/(cm^2*s). So the measurements are taken with a photomultiplier in the photon counting mode. The light has been discovered in all groups of organisms and in various biological materials (tissues, whole organisms, eggs, seeds, etc.)
... [more]


Perspectives in Kirlian Photography
March 5 2009 update

[Abstracted from the book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain
by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder Bantam 1970 ]

Chapter 16: Kirlian Photography-Pictures of the Aura? -
�These extraordinary accounts of an amazing new world of pulsating lights� �[was not from] a group of psychics viewing this phenomenon in Russia, however. It was scientists � Russia�s foremost learned men from the prestigious Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, scientists and researchers from some of the leading institutes and universities across the entire Soviet Union. P. 200.

[ ]
Chiropractic and Kirlian Photography -
Chiropractic philosophy teaches that correction of vertebral subluxation reduces nerve interference and promotes health. Nearly a century of clinical correlation with our patients shows the efficacy of our methods. It has been further taught that the chiropractic adjustment liberates life force (innate) when such subluxation ta reduced, thereby allowing the body's own self-regulatory mechanisms to achieve normality. Life force has been described by innumerable technology such as qi, prana, innate, vital force, etc., depending on healing,� tradition and culture.

[ ]
Kirlian Photography -
A photographic process that captures the auras or biofields of persons or objects within the photograph. The technique involves the photographing of subjects in the presence of a high-frequency, high-voltage, low-amperage-electrical field, which display glowing, multicolored emanations known as auras or biofields. The process of Kirlian photography is named after Seymon Kirlian, an amateur inventor and electrician of Krasnodar, Russia, who pioneered the first efforts on the process in the early 1940s. Even thought the process has produced results it still is controversial.

[ ]
Kirlian Photography - ...Allegedly, this special method of "photographing" objects is a gateway to the paranormal world of auras. Actually, what is recorded is due to quite natural phenomena such as pressure, electrical grounding, humidity and temperature. Changes in moisture (which may reflect changes in emotions), barometric pressure, and voltage, among other things, will produce different 'auras'.

Studies in the Aura (HEF)

[ ]
Overview of the Human Energy Field

[Abstracted from Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness by Valerie Hunt March 7 2009 update]
Health as an active flow of information -
In studies by Dr Valerie Hunt of UCLA, Three seconds of high frequency electromyographic data from human muscle was cross plotted with itself with one frame delay to form a strange attractor phase plane. The ovoid phase plane plot has undulating "crinkles" superimposed in it which reflects subtle organization, great complexity, and therefore great information content, at the "Edge of Chaos". Dr. Hunt stresses the importance of these complex, information rich signals for human health

[ ]

The HEF in Relation to Science, Consciousness, and Health -
The science and art of medicine that was initially one, and then split into two, are now approaching reunion. The healing science that became traditional medicine and alternate medicine is slowly becoming the healing sciences. The history of this topic is extensive -- extending back thousands of years.
... [more]

[ Prof. Carl Edwin Lindgren ]
Social Scientist Looks at Aura Mythology - Known over the centuries by many names, ch=i, prana, karnaeem, and Illiaster, auric energy or bioplasmic fields have been documented for over 5,000 years. Astral lights alluded to by ancient Eastern Indians, Chinese, and Jewish mystics, are attributed to a universal energy that permeates all matter. In early esoteric writings and later in those of the Rosicrucians, American Indians, Zen Buddhists, and Christian mystics, these fields have been described as glowing clouds of light diffuse by diverse colors. Christian mystics feel that auric activity consists of two interconnecting energy patterns, i.e. the aureole, surrounding the entire being, and the nimbus or halo encircling the head. Many Eastern and Western esoteric writings, strongly suggest that auric field intensity correlates to Chinese acupuncture locations of subtle energy. The Greek writer Plutarch expressed the notion that auras revealed the desires and vices of man through their color variation, and movements. Gina Allan, author of a best seller, Gifts of Spirit believes that, �

Effects of Sound on Consciousness
[The "Holosync" sound technology and brain waves ]
Claims of Holosync and Reviews -
Dr. Thomas Budzynski, a noted researcher in this field, has said that critical and often self-sabotaging filters of the left brain are bypassed in a theta state, and that in terms of making positive changes in beliefs or habit patterns, "a lot of work gets done very quickly." Researchers at the University of Wisconsin announced to the media in 1990 that they had injected synthetic growth hormone into a small group of elderly men between the ages of 61 and 81. The result was a sudden rejuvenation that reversed biological aging by as much a 20 years! Recent research performed by Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., a prominent anti-aging researcher and past-president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, revealed that Holosync� dramatically affects production of three important hormones related to increased longevity, stress, and enhanced well-being: cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin.
... [more]

Light Therapy

[Notes on the book Light Years Ahead: The Illustrated Guide to Full Spectrum and Colored Light in Mindbody Healing]
Notes on Light Years Ahead -
Peter Mandel was aware that Chinese and Russian scientists had demonstrated that the acupuncture meridians transmit light [p. 236]
... [more]

[Brief summary of books, by author, that reference light as being a "nutrient" ]
Light as Nutrient -
John N. Ott: Author of the book Health and Light [Pocket Books New York 1976] which discusses the effects of natural and artificial lighting on human beings, animals, and plants. Light is a type of "nutrient", and affects the endocrine system. Ott found that different types of artificial lighting affect the gender and presence of fish eggs
... [more]

More on Light Therapy

Subtle Energies

[ Originally published in Temple University's Frontier Perspectives, 1998. Key terms: quantum field theory, vector potential, Tesla, zero point energy, over unity devises, self canceling coils, supersmmetry, string theory, Rauscher, Dirac]
Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and Their Role in the Natural Healing Process by Glen Rein

[2001 By Yury Kronn, PhD; Robert C. Eanes; Jeffrey Marrongelle, DC, CCN from ]
Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine - In April 2001, three teams of scientists reported the same conclusion in calculating the contents of the Universe: the mass of all of the galaxies, stars, cosmic dust, planets, people and so on "accounts for less than 5% of it all. The rest takes the form of 'dark matter' (30%) and an even more enigmatic 'dark energy' in space (65%) that is causing galaxies to rush apart from one another at an accelerated rate." What that means is that matter and energy are pouring into the Universe, literally pushing and expanding the Universe apart.
... [more]

Authors suggest that cosmology�s dark matter and dark energy correspond to subtle matter and energy.

[Ken Wilber Online : Toward A Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies Part 2
From Ken Wilber's book ]

Toward A Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies: Part 2 - As usual, let's first touch bases with the wisdom traditions, then see how their profound insights might be updated with AQAL.

Common to many traditions is the idea that, in addition to a spectrum of consciousness, there is a spectrum of energy. One such spectrum runs from gross physical energy, to etheric energy, to astral energy, to psychic energy, to causal energy. Without, at this point, arguing the details, let's simply accept that as a type of subtle-energy spectrum that might exist.

In a general sense (which we will refine as we go along), these 5 levels of energy are essentially correlated with the 5 levels of consciousness (e.g., as presented in fig. 1). According to the traditions, these energies are not the same as consciousness; consciousness cannot be reduced to these energies; nor can these energies be reduced to consciousness. Rather, these levels of energy accompany and support their correlative levels of consciousness (so that a gross energy is the support of gross consciousness, a subtle energy is the support of subtle consciousness, a causal energy is the support of causal consciousness, and so on). ...

The major theorists addressed include Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Murphy, William Tiller, Allan Combs, Robert Becker, Deepak Chopra, Hiroshi Motoyama, Marilyn Schlitz, Larry Dossey, and Gary Schwartz, among others.
... [more]

A concise summary htm msdoc

From William Tiller's book ]

Summary: Subtle energy signals not directly observable by physical means do create a transduced signal at the magnetic vector potential field level�the transduction of the subtle energy signals generates electric and magnetic signals that have observable physical effects. Preliminary research data indicate that the subtle energies somehow influence the electric and/or magnetic fields of the body, and which influences have demonstrable effects on its structure, function, chemistry, and the mind.
Pro and con book reviews from

[Notes from William Tiller's book Some Science Adventures With Real Magic Pavior 2005]
Notes on Some Science Adventures With Real Magic - Basically tiller is saying that human consciousness can generate a physical space "conditioned" by subtle energy, that this subtle energy is related to the magnetic vector potential of classical electrodynamics, and that this subtle energy may result in psi phenomena.
... [more]

[Now Come Torsion Fields: original website:]
Now Comes Torsion Fields - Torsion fields have been studied by several groups of Russian scientists for at least three decades and most of that time in secret. What are torsion fields? According to A. Akimov, these fields come in at least three types: E-fields, S-fields, and G-fields. The E, S, and G stand for Electric, Spin, and Gravity fields. The torsion field and its emanations are subtle energy fields. They are separate and distinct from classical Electric, Magnetic, and Gravity fields.
... [more] Original Website
... [more] If Original website is unavailable

What Are Subtle Energies? William Tiller "�the seat of subtle energy functioning is traced to the vacuum state, with magnetic vector potential assuming the role of bridge between subtle energies and physical energies."
Good discussion of vector potential A and AB effect, but assumes rather than establishes that A is a bridge.

Institute of HeartMath: Subtle Energy Research

The DNA PHANTOM EFFECT by Dr. Vladimir Poponin

Notes on the Magnetic Vector Potential htm msdoc

Energy Healing

Energy medicine by Eric Leskowitz

Energy Medicine Resources

Consciousness, Bioenergy and Healing: Self-Healing and Energy Medicine for the 21st Century (Healing Research, Vol. 2; Professional Edition) (Paperback)

[ ]
Interesting papers on bioelectromagnetics and healing

[Journal of Theoretics ]

Keywords: gamma radiation, radiation detection, bioenergy, quantum vacuum, atomic spin, phyton, SQUID, electromagnetic field.

Synopsys: The author proposes that healers, through conscious intention, can increase the electromagnetic field surrounding their hands, (and cause significant fluctuations in external gamma radiation around a subject�s body) which causes permutations in the torsion field and, subsequently, the quantum vacuum itself, which results in a restorative effect.

"Spin Doctors":� A New Paradigm Theorizing the Mechanism of Bioenergy Healing. - Certain alternative healing therapies are theorized as being bioenergetic modalities which utilize the "�lan vital" or vital energy. Proponents of these techniques have claimed this previously unrecognized force infuses organisms with life sustaining energies and/or balances existing energies resulting in improved health. This long-standing and widespread belief in the existence of an etheric healing force, called "prana" by the Hindus, "chi" by the Chinese, and "ki" by the Japanese, is the source most often associated with the "soul, spirit, and mind." In fact, there are references made to human energy fields or the aura of the body in 97 different cultures, according to John White in his book "Future Science."
... [more]

[Tony Smith's website: On the Qi Field:]

The Qi Field can be used for healing. - J.Acosta-Urquidi, of the Department of Radiology of the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, found that some Qi healers, when they were sending Qi energy, had EEGs with above normal baseline values of coherence phase and asymmetry which revealed complex patterns and increased lateralization (although increases in overall average alpha (8-12 Hz) , theta (4-8 Hz) , and delta (0.1-4 Hz) power were small). When sending Qi, the Qi healers had new and robust Bioelectric Frequency Analyser signals from the head, chest and 1-3 ft. distance (BFA frequency resonances, range 3.8-22.8 Hz, mean 14.8+- 7, N = 14).
... [more]

[A brief biography of a few noted energy healers ]
Noted Energy Healers
Barbara Ann Brennan has a MS in Atmospheric Science. She is a past research scientist for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center. Healer, sensitive, and student of the Human Energy Field (HEF). She conducted experiments with Dr Richard Dobrin and Dr.John Pierrakos to measure the light level emitted by individuals. She is also the founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (1982) in Southern Florida, and Barbara Brennan International, which operates BBSH Europe and BBSH Japan. Over 500 students world wide. Best-selling author of Hands of Light�, Light Emerging and the Seeds of the Spirit� book series. [1]
... [more]

subtle anatomy: Don Glassey


[ Originally published in Proceed(ing)s of the International Forum on New Science, Denver, 1996. Key terms: Jahn and Dunne, chi-gong, coherent frequency transforms, heart intention, DNA helix, Cleve Backster, genetic code, subtle energy ]
Effect of Conscious Intention on Human DNA by Glen Rein

[Abstracted from The Teaching Company course: "Consciousness and Its Implications" by Professor Daniel Robinson, Oxford University CD 2007 ]
Notes on contemporary [2007] philosophy of mind [html] - Bohm pulled together the theory and math of the hologram; and advanced the thesis that the brain, at the micro level, at the quantum level, is an informational system such that the mental and material merge. Mind and matter �are two aspects of one whole, and are no more separable than form or content. Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one.�
[Notes in ms word doc]

[an article by Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D. ]
Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram - A host of observed, but very basic human phenomena, including consciousness itself, have eluded rigorous scientific description by all disciplines of science. This is true, not because of insufficient evidence for a particular phenomenon's existence, but rather for lack of a theoretical construct which could fit within the prevailing paradigms of science. For millennia philosophers have pondered the nature of mind, consciousness and mind/matter interactions but without sufficient knowledge and technical capability to propose properly testable theories. For the past century eminent men and women of science have accumulated thousands of pages of data on mind/mind and mind/matter interactions. Many of the most telling experiments have been criticized, perfected and repeated numerous times during the past five decades, using increasingly sophisticated technologies. Meta analysis of these experiments produce accumulated probabilities against chance occurrences exceeding trillions to one (Radin, 1997). It has required, however, that quantum science mature for seventy-five years and during that period, test, validate and synthesize a number of seemingly outrageous physical concepts arising from quantum theory, before testable theories could arise which offer hope that anomalous mind and consciousness data can be explained (Mitchell and Williams,1996).
... [more]

[Abstracted from F. David Peat's book The Philosopher's Stone: Chaos, Synchronicity, and the Hidden World Order ]
Notes on The Biological Quantum System - In physics, a plasma is defined as a gas composed of charged particles. In plasma, the motions of individual atoms is more complex than in a superfluid or superconductor, because the motion of the gas particles is determined not only by the quantum (globally organizing) wave function, but also by local effects. David Bohm, who formulated the wave function for plasma, said at the time that he had the sense that the plasma was "alive".
... [more]

[Google Books Preview: Lynn McTaggart's book The Intention Experiment ]
The Intention Experiment From the Preface - This book represents a piece of unfinished business that began in 2001 when I published a book called The Field. In the course of trying to find a scientific explanation for homeopathy and spiritual healing, I had inadvertently uncovered the makings of a new science.
... [more]

[Abstracted from Lynn McTaggart's book The Intention Experiment ]
Notes on The Intention Experiment - To Descartes, mind and mater are different; In quantum physics, we help to determine the outcome. Human intention has been shown to influence outcome of normally random events as shown by PEAR. Animals proved capable of acts of infered intension: baby chicks effect movement of a random "mother hen". Humans have also been shown to influence enormous variety of living systems; eg bacteria, small animals, and biological processes in other human beings. The largest body of research is from Wiliam Braud, psychologist and research director of Mind Sciences Foundation in San Atonio Texas.
... [more]

[Notes on a paper by the Global Consciousness Project published in Foundations of Physics Letters xxx 2002]
CORRELATIONS OF CONTINUOUS RANDOM DATA WITH MAJOR WORLD EVENTS - The results of a number of experiments have suggested that a "group" consciousness might exist. The Global Consciousness Project was established to test this hypothesis. The idea was to set up Random Event Generators (REGs) all over the world and have them run continuously, and compare their output at moments of global events with the greatest emotional impact.
... [more]

[Notes on the paper Information, Consciousness, and Health by Robert Jahn ]
Notes on a Paper by Robert Jahn - Physical, biological, and medical science have tended to trade in three conceptual currencies; matter, energy, and most recently, information. Einstein's identification of the transmutability of matter into energy has impelled much of 20th century physics. A somewhat subtler equavalence of energy and information has been established. The author sees a need to include subjective as well as objective information as a scientific currency. He notes the demonstrated capacity of consciousness to alter both subjective and objective elements of information. The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established in 1979 for the sole purpose of rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with random physical processes. Three types of research have been persued: anomalous human/machine interactions, remote perception, and theoretical modeling of consciousness.
... [more]

[Several sources of information on Superradiance]
Quantum Brain Dynamics and Consciousness: Book Review - The Heisenberg and Von Neumann tradition has always viewed the brain as a "quantum measuring device". But the Japanese physicist Kunio Yasue, the American physicist Gordon Globus and others, claims that brain substrates uphold second-order quantum fields, which cannot be treated as mere measuring devices.
... [more]

[From: Hierarchic Model of Consciousness By Alex Kaivarainen ]
From Molecular Bose Condensation to Synaptic Reorganization - The electrical recording of human brain activity demonstrate a coherent (40 to 70 Hz) firing among widely distributed and distant brain neurons (Singer, 1993). Such synchronization in a big population of groups of cells points to possibility of not only regular axon-mediated, but also of physical fields-mediated distant or even quantum nonlocal interaction between them.
... [more]



The Luminous Twin Serpents of DNA

The Cosmic Serpent:
DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

by Jeremy Narby Ph.D

Rick Strassman
DMT: The Spirit Molecule:
A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences