Abstracted from the book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain

by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder Bantam 1970


Chapter 16: Kirlian Photography-Pictures of the Aura?


…These extraordinary accounts of an amazing new world of pulsating lights…

…[was not from]  a group of psychics viewing this phenomenon in Russia, however. It was scientists – Russia’s foremost learned men from the prestigious Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, scientists and researchers from some of the leading  institutes and universities across the entire Soviet Union. P. 200.


One day the chairman of a major scientific research institute arrived. He had with him two identical leaves for the Kirlians to photograph with their new process. The Kirlian team (Semyon and his wife Valenina)   worked all night, but found the Kirlian patterns for the two leaves were different.  The chairman was pleased, explaining that one of the leaves had come from a plant which had been contaminated with a serious plant disease. P. 205 f.


In anticipation of providing a demonstration to two famous scientists from a Moscow Institute…For some unknown reason the “temperamental” optical devise would not work. No matrer how  Semon tried to focus t, the picture would not show clearly through the lens… Semyon then had an episode of a vascular system illness, and had to stop and rest. Valentina proceeded to demonstrate the process for the two scientists. Later, Semyon reasoned that what he had earlier thought as  a flaw of the system was actually his energy pattern ust prior to the onset of illness.  P. 207f.

In the early 1960s, Soviet journalists published a number of hard hitting  exposes on the plight of the Kirlian invention. [9-10] … The outraged writer continues ”All the scientists who have seen the Kirlian work agree research is urgent and that the Kirlian discovery can bring great benefits to man. Twenty-five years have passed since the Kirlians made  their discovery. Yet the Ministries in charge still haven’t  released any funds either to the Kirlians or any scientific research institute to carry out this work. “


At last in the 1960s it happened! Suddenly the Kirlian invention emerged from a bureaucratic abyss. Suddenly the Kirlians ere given a pension, a ne apartment in a pleaant new district in Krasnodar and a specially equipped lab.  Suddenly, full scale scientific research began in Kirlian photography in institutes, labs and universities all over the USSR. In 1962, Soviet Union Magazine [98] reported that the entire scientific research establishments had been set working on the Kirlan phenomenon.



Chapter 17: Science Probes the Energy Body


Dr. Wilder Penfield f McGill University in Montreal had done numerous operations in which he removed massive segments of patient’s brains. Still, the “mind” seemed to carry on as before without any disturbance in consciousness. “Perhaps we will always be forced to visualize a spiritual element …a spiritual essence that is capable of controlling  the mechanism. The machine will never fully explain man, nor mechanisms the nature of the spirit.,” says Dr. Penfield. [400]


A highly reputable English medium, Geraldine Cummins, reported [284] “Mind does not work directly on the brain. There is an etheric body which is the link between mind and the cells of the brain….” P.  215

“In Russia, a young soviet scientist, a student of Kirlian photography,  sat down at a table with us. From a brimming briefcase he pulled out a sheath of photographs. “Look at this,” he said, as he spread out a large photograph of a plant leaf which had been tremendously magnified. The picture had been produced  the Kirlian method in a high frequency electrical field. It was a kind of leaf picture we’d  become familiar with- a mass of sparkling lights all over the leaf; here and there brilliant flares ad around the edges  a precise aura of luminescence. He handed us a second picture.  It looked the same as the first except …. There seemed to be a line down the middle of the right side of the leaf. Beyond that line the sparkling outline and veins seemed airier, the background fluffier.


“This is the same leaf as the first picture,” the young scientist explained. “The actual leaf itself  has been cut. One third of it has been removed. But the energy pattern of the whole leaf is still there!”


In other words, we were actually seeing the “ghost” of part o the leaf- a phantom counterpart of pure energy.


“What is this substance?” we asked, pointing to the cut off part of the leaf that shouldn’t have been there.


“It’s a form of energy,” said the scientist. “This energy may have its origin in electrical activity or electromagnetic fields, but the nature of this energy is entirely different. We consider it to be a kind of plasma.” (In physics, plasma is the fourth state of matter- streams of masses of ionized particles. p. 216 f.


At the highly respected Kirov State University of Kazakhstan in Alma-Ata, a group of biologists, biochemists, and biophysicists clustered around a huge electron microscope. … The scientists, peering through the eyepiece of the electron microscope, saw in he silent high frequency discharge  something once reserved only for clairvoyants. They saw the living “double” of a living organism in motion.


Scores of experiments were done on live plants,  animals, and humans with the Kirlian effect.  What is this “double”?  “Some sort of elementary plasma - like  constellation made of ionized, excited electrons, protons, and possibly other particles they said. “But at the same time, this energy body is not just particles. It is not a chaotic system. It’s a whole unified organism in itself.” It acts as a unit, they said, and as a unit the energy body gives of its own electromagnetic fields and is the basis of biological fields.


In 1968, Doctors V. Inyushin, V. Grishchenko, N. Vorobev, N. Shouiski, N. Feddorova and F. Gibadulin announced their discovery: All living things-plants, animals, and humans, - not only have a physical body ade of atoms and molecules, but also a counterpart body of energy: They called It “The Biological Plasma Body” [57-60, 198]


In a book long scientific paper published by the State University of Kazakhstan, “The Biological Essence of the Kirilian Effect, (Alma Ata 1968), they described their research… “The bio-luminescence visible in the Kirlian pictures is caused by bioplasma, not the electrical state of the organism…”It has a specific spatial organization.”  Inside the energy body  say the scientists, processes have th4eir own labyrinthine motion absolutely unlike the pattern of energy in the physical body. The bio-plasmic body is also polarized. “The biological plasma of the energy body is specific for every organism, tissue, and possibly bio-molecule.”


What generates this bioplasmic energy? How do we replenish our energy body? The Kazakh scientists discovered it’s the oxygen we breathe that converts some of its surplus electrons and a certain quantum of energy into the  energy body. In the silent high-frequency discharge, they could actually see this process as it occurred.

Breathing, it seems, charges the entire bioplasmic body and renews our reserves of vital energy and helps to equalize disturbed energy patterns.  Of course the Indian philosophy of Yoga has always maintained that breathing charges the whole body with “vital force” or “Prana”… p. 217 f.


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