Notes on Some Science Adventures in Real Magic by William Tiller, Walter E. Dibble, and J. Gregory Fandel

Basically tiller is saying that human consciousness can generate a physical space "conditioned" by subtle energy, that this subtle energy is related to the magnetic vector potential of classical electrodynamics, and that this subtle energy may result in psi phenomena

pg 14:
Inner management at mental and emotional levels is crucially important for human capability development

some tools:

QiGong: focus on 2nd chakra to still the mind

Heartmath: focus on heart chakra to still the mind; also focus on someone to love or appreciate
results in uniform synchronized heart rate, respiration rate,etc; ie heart and brain entrainment/coherence "at baroflex frequency"(~0.14 hz)
DHEA levels rise, while choline levels reduce: healthy

compare with chaos theroy that no heart rate variability presages a heart attack

p. 21:
relates subtle energy pulse to magnetic vector potential pulse which is a known potential in currently understood electrodynamics.

p 22
from Norretrander's book, info channel capacity of unconscious is 50 million bps; concsious is only 50 bps

p 34
the world governments have spent billions of dollars unsuccessfully looking for magnetic monopoles in normal reality. Normal reality accesses electric monopoles, electric dipoles, and magnetic dipoles. The electrodynamics are fully describedby Maxwell's equations.

note: in 1931,Paul Dirac showed that the existance of magnatic monopoles would explain the quantization of electric charge. see

p. 36
human consciousness in the form of specific intention can be imprinted onto a simple low tech eletronic devise from a deep meditative state by highly inner self manaGED humans. this is called an IIED, (an intention imprinted electrical devise). when the IIED is placed in a room it creates a "conditioned space". One characteristic of the conditioned space is that a DC magnetic field polarity effect on the pH of water occurs. Such an effect is thought to require the accessing of magnetic momopoles, a property usually associated with a higher EM gauge symmetry state than normal.

p. 36
conditioned space: material property oscillations: air and water temp. pH, electrical conductivity of water are global throughout the room. all exhibit same fourier spectral components and are in freq range of 10-2 10-3 hz.

p 36
these effects can last months

p 36
abrupt changes in orientation of large natural quartz crystal showed abrupt overall changes in oscilation nwave shape, amplitude and frequency. Thus a QC appear to be a "tuner" p. 36
spontaneous and abrupt changes in compute monitoring behavior of a random Number Genartor (RNG) occured for no known reason

information entanglement: non-IIED took on the characteristics of the IIED

p 93
for humans, and perhaps all vertebrates, bioelectromagnetism is quite different than Maxwellian electromagnertism, because the human acupuncture meridian system is observed to be at an EM guage symmetry level where magnetic monoplle charge is accessible.

Our present paradigm of science is quantum mechanics, and just over a century ago it was classical mechanics. In both cases, science held the unstated assumption that no human qualities of consciousness, intention, emotion,mind or spirit can significantly influence a carefully designed ...experiment in physical reality. ...this unstated assumption is very, very wrong!

p 101
Julian Schwinger, Richard Feinman, and Tomanaga won Nobel prize for discovery and development of math theory for quantum electrodynamics.

QED is a quantum theory of electrons, positrons, and the EM field. see:

Note: The mathamatical expression of QED Lagrangian for the interaction of electrons and positrons thru photons has a term "covarient vector potential" A PhD student, Paul Werbos, made the point that no forms of QED; Copenhagen, Bohmian, etc explain remote viewing or other psychoenergetic phenonomena. Tiller wants to formulate a larger reference frame that both accounts for all the old data, and provides the possibility of quantitatively accounting for this new psychoenergetic data in a consistent way.

p 103
human biofields emitt conventional EM, as well some other type of energy: "subtle"

p 104
physical vacuum is the level of reality at whic this space conditioning works at.

p 105
chemical medicine; EM energy medicine; subtle energy medice, or information medicine

P 107
guage symmetry: everyday reality: U(1)EM GS; subtle energy is SU(2) EM GS. Maxwell's equations using Albelian algebra apply to EM of U(1), but do not apply to the EM of SU(2); use non-Albelian algebra to describe them.

p 110

postulates that physical reality consists of (1) coarse electric monopole type substance constrained to move at V < C; (2) fine information wave generated paterns from magnetic monopoles traveling at V > C in the physical vacuum at gauge symmetries higher than U(1) EM. postulates a higher dimensional level substance; deltrons, which can travel at any speed. they are associated with electric monoploes as well as magnetic monopoles, so they couple them togethr

p 113
our reference frame (RF) for viewing nature: newtonian: time and 3-Space. Einstein: reality depends on velocity of our RF (time & 3-space), in which space and time are coupled, creating "spacetime", a 3-D RF.

Psychoenergetic experiments show that human consciousness can influence the properties of materials via the physical vacuum. How do keep quantitavie track of particle stuff vs physical vacuum stuff? The duplex space proposal is one way to do this. making the two subspaces reciprocals of one another works. [but how can you just define them as being reciprocal?] "since our spacetime coordinates are used to track the particulate stuff, the reciprocal space coordiantes as modified by the deltrons are used to track the physical vacuum level of stuff." ?? Particle behavior is in one space, while the wave behavior is in the other . they interact via the deltrons. human consciousness can now interact with the deltrons, which can effect both spaces.

P. 266.
Maxwell’s equations: Four coupled mathematical expressions created by James Clerk Maxwell in 1873 that beautifully synthesized the accepted electrical and magnetic phenomena of the 19th century.

P. 265.
Magnetic vector potential (A): In conventional electrodynamics, it is equation connected to both the magnetic flux (or magnetic field H) and the electric flux (or electric field, E) so it and the electrostatic potential phi define the two basic fields (E and H) involved in electromagnetism. Here, it is also used to connect the physical domain to the subtle domain.