ElectromagneticEnergy as Nutrient


John N. Ott: Author of the book Health and Light [Pocket Books New York 1976] which discusses the effects of natural and artificial lighting on human beings, animals, and plants. Light is a type of "nutrient", and affects the endocrine system. Ott found that different types of artificial lighting affect the gender and presence of fish eggs, and that specially developed strains of cancer prone mice kept under pink and white fluorescent lighting develop cancer sooner that control mice kept under natural daylight. These results were at first criticized and rejected. Finally, papers describing this research were published as part of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Since that time, study of the biological effects of lighting has become a science. Full spectrum and natural lighting has now been shown to be associated with increased productivity and improved health.


Fred Soyka: Author of The Ion Effect[E.P. Dutton & Co. Int. New York 1977] The author discusses the various observed mental and physical problems associated with certain positive ion bearing winds. Negative ions appear to have only beneficial effects. The effects of negative ions are destroyed by combination with particulate, and for that reason have been used in air purification systems. Ions have a number of physiological and psychological effects on living beings. Negative ions, associated with relaxation, allow us to absorb oxygen more readily, appear to promote the quality of alpha brain waves, and have been used as treatment for anxiety and fear neurosis. Positive ions are associated with increased levels of serotonin and reduced blood oxygen levels, and tend to speed up the metabolic process. Changes in the local natural electric field intensity affect hospital psychiatric admissions. The polarity of the full moon has been found to push negative ions of the ionosphere closer to the earth's surface, thus possibly accounting for greater aberrant behavior during these time periods.

George Washnis: Author of Discovery of Magnetic Health: A Health Care Alternative with Richard Hricak [Nova Publishing Company, 11607 Nebel St., Rockville Maryland, 20852 1993. ]This book provides interesting information on the importance of Earth's magnetic field. Discusses the politics of the NIH and FDA regarding official acceptance of magnetotherapy, as well as the small victories: The FDA has approved use of magnetic healing devises, primarily for healing of human bone fractures that otherwise would not heal. Discusses health benefits of magnetic mattress pads. Discusses light as nutrient: "Sharks and insects, as observed by the Smithsonian Institution, obtain as much as 90% of their energy from the earth's magnetic field. Interestingly, both sharks and insects are also highly resistent to viral infections, including cancer.Faster growth of animals and plants in suitable EM environments has been demonstrated. Fish in magnitized tanks show faster growth, stouter physiques, and lower mortality rates than those in unmagnetized tanks in otherwise similar conditions. plants grow in a magnitized environment

Gabriel Cousens. M.D. is a leading medical advocate of the nutritional aspect of light. In the Forward toLight Years Ahead Cousens says: "It also supports my theoretical work elucidated in Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet: That nutrition is what we absorb into our overall body-mind-spirit from the many different density levels that have precipitated from the cosmic force. Once we





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