Notes on Dr  Richard Gerber’s Exploring  Vibrational Medicine audio Tapes


Tape 1

Newtonian vs Einsteinian model

The body as machine vs. the body as an energy system. Multidimensional  anatomy includes the chakras, acupuncture points, meridians & subtle bodies. Everything is energy. The smallest entities are actually not particles, but energy packets called quanta. Is energy flowing properly? Diagnosis and treatment from energy; light, color, sound, EM fields, magnetic fields, as well as life energy, homeopathic and flower essences, and the realm of acupuncture and meridians.


Newtonian world view: the universe and our bodies are grand clockwork machines. This idea is firmly entrenched in our medical paradigm. Today we think of the human body as a computer clockwork. Allopathic medicine has benefited humanity, but has limitations.


Chinese have had great success with herbal medicines; to them drug therapy is alternative.


Einsteinian model: The human body is an overlay of energy fields. Based on Einstein’s  equation of mass and energy, mass is just a frozen form of energy. We are truly beings of light. The Einsteinian school is starting to make predictions of a faster than light world of etheric energy. When we plug speeds faster than light into Einstein’s equations, we find the world of energy that is in the realm of the tacheon which can only travel faster than light.


William Tiller put together what Gerber calls the “Tiller Einsteinian” model;

faster than light energy is life energy.


Tiller: positive space time universe and negative space time universe. PSTU: is world of physical matter: electrons protons neutrons: defined by their electrical charge. Faster than light universe NSTU defines etheric as faster than light energy;  particles made of magnetic energy. Manifest negative entropy. Cause greater order.  Tiller’s model provides a perfect description of what life energy is all about.  


Energy systems of the body

The most basic energy system is chemical; metabolism of food to form ATP energy for the body.


Electrical system; brain & nervous system: transmits digital electric signals to organ systems; controls heart rate; this is autonomic nervous system.


Robert Becker: cells surrounding the nerves are called gleal cells and are part of an analog voltage system that is very primitive; probably came before the nervous system; may help in self healing.


Beon Nordstrom Nobel prizewinning physician. Idea of “biologically closed electrical circuits”. The body may store electrical charge from ions;  inflammation turns on a kind of battery that draws white blood cells to the inflamed area.  As the body heals, the battery turns off,  like a thermostat or an automatic control loop.


Bioelectronic system: mitochondria act as tiny batteries.  Scientists found that cells of body had characteristics such as capacitance and resistance. Albert St Gorgy, discoverer of vitamin  C, promoted this concept. Thought that maybe the switches controlling processes may not be chemical,  but may be electronic. We can think of each cell as tiny integrated circuit.


Light energy systems: body emits light; first to examine: Russian Alexander Gurvich. Found that onion root emitted what he called mitogenetic radiation.  This radiation could promote mitosis (cell division) and cellular growth. Found that glass does not transmit this radiation, while quartz does.


Fritz Popp noted that UV radiation has this same characteristic.   Using sensitive photomultipliers Popp found that living tissue emits photons of UV light. Found that the double helix of  DNA both emits and receives these biophotons. 


The above are all ok even for mechanistic body.


What has been left out of Newtonian medicine is life energy or subtle energy systems.


 Acupuncture points are like subtle  energy pores that absorb Chi, which is transmitted by meridians. The chakra system  absorbs Prana, which may be related to sun light.


Biochrystaline network;  Made up of bone (calcium crystals) also liquid crystal in membranes of blood cells and lymph system. This network may be one of the mechanisms which transducts subtle energy from homeopathy to something usable by the cells.   


The etheric body is an energetic duplicate of the physical body, made of etheric matter. This acts as a template in growth & development of the physical body.


Quoted as evidence of etheric body is the phantom leaf effect of kirilian photography, which is still controversial.


From Yale comes evidence that the etheric body may participate with  DNA to help   growth & development and to recover from trauma.


Distortions of etheric body may lead to disturbances in physical body.


Spiritual energy systems.

How does soul fit in to bio-mechanism?

Chakra also link to higher spiritual energies; love, will, intuition.


Astral mental causal bodies integrate different aspects of our emotions and thoughts into our physical lives.


Astral may be seat of consciousness


Mental body aspects of thought and mind


Causal body: highest spiritual body we are aware of.  Stores our experience of our lifetime.


Illness in the Vibrational Model

In the vibrational model, illness is not due to a broken part, but a disturbance in energy flow.


Bioinformational paradigm: illness is caused by distorted information. Like a computer virus.


Cells of body communicate via symbolic bioinformation; constantly translated & retranslated in the body Into different codes in body. Types of symbolic bioinformation include:


Chemical messenger codes  like endorphins ;  DNA  RNA information stored in nucleotides;  Action potential code of nerves;  Coded light signals biophotons.


Subtle energy signals


Acupuncture meridian system is a interface between physical & etheric. Have evidence of reality of acupuncture meridian system. Early 1960s  Kim Bong Han injected radioactive tracer into animals; found that tracer always follows path of traditional acupuncture points. French doctors have duplicated test in humans found that tracer always follows path of traditional acupuncture points. Needle twirling increased flow of  tracer. Drs deras devernajol


Can also trace meridians electrically. Drop in skin resistance at points Dematresque scaned front of body with electronography; found could predict illness by presence of glowing acupuncture points.  Japanese Heroshi Motayama: AMI devise measures acupuncture point energies.


German Reinhard Voll: corelation of electrical imbalance or electrical properties of acupuncture points and prediction of illness.

Chakras provide energy distribution. Chakras also linked with endocrine glands. Subtle energy signal is transformed into hormonal signals.   Chakras process emotional and spiritual energy. 7 major chakras; numerous small chakras; Traditional chakras & interpretations. Chakras related to psychic activity.


Heartmath institute convinced heart has intelligence; act from heart center; processes loving energies. Awaken to higher functions.


Evidence of existence of chakras. Heroshi Motayama able to detect electrical signals from charkras. Probably were measuring secondary EM signals caused by the primary chakra signals.


Valeri Hunt used Electromyograms over chakra points. Measured frequencies much higher than normal range of muscle or heart. Worked with clairvoyants Found that energy emissions from Chakras changed as  colors from of auric field, as reported by clairvoyants, changed.


Etheric body made up of etheric matter; vibrations faster than the speed of light. Experimental evidence suggests there is such a thing.

EB is Holographic template of body. Holographic nature of EB confirmed by Kirelian aura and phantom leaf effect. Researchers have photographed both sides of phantom leaf and they are like top & bottom of leaf. Cut a piece out of a hologram; that piece reproduces the entire image.

Democrestu electrophotography: Cut circle out of leaf; in hole tiny image of leaf; within it was a another image of a leaf.


DNA info does not explain how differentiated cells know where to go. Do not have Phantom leaf equivalent of animal.

Bioetheric info may provide info on how to build cells. Want to measure disturbances in etheric body before these manifest in the physical body as disease.


Voll machine said to read etheric info from acupuncture points.


Evidence of EB goes back to Harold Burr. Worked with salamanders. Salamanders had electrical axis.  Found could trace electric axis back to egg. Ejected India ink in embryo; traced it; as adult fund ink along brain and nervous system. Looked at shape of “E field” of seedlings; shape of E field looked like adult plant.  Worked with gynecologists; found there are changes in electrical activity associated with cancer.


Phantom leaf effect: tried thousands of times through world; not found every time, but found consistently.  Speculate this effect is due to etheric energy.



Tape 2

Raymond Moody, in his book Life After Life, researches people who have been pronounced Clinically dead, but then revived. “NDE” Gerber suggests their consciousness was in their astral body;


The astral body vibrates faster than etheric body.


Like octave of musical  tones; low c, middle c, high c.

Astral body has to do with consciousness; moves through the astral plane; in a higher dimension.


Multiple energy frequencies can coexist. The astral plane is associated with ghosts. Robert Monroe was a radio-TV executive who went thru out of body experiences. (OBEs). He found could produce these states at will. Thoughts become real faster than in the material  realm. He wrote of his experiences in the book Journeys Out of the Body;


We can communicate on the astral as well as physical level simultaneously. The astral body is called the emotional body; like attracts like;

Emotions & desires need to be careful emotions n become amplified. Thoughts can create thought forms.


Mental body info comes from clairvoyant observation. Less scientific evidence. Desire at  higher level of thought. Jung’s collective unconscious; synchronicity;  interface between brain & mind. Things that happen at the highest level cascade down.


Causal body is related to reincarnation and the after life. All of our past lives are stored in the causal body, which goes to a new being. It is the connection to past and future lives.

Karma & grace: law of action and reaction. Jeffery Hodson clairvoyant; he observed and described radioactivity. His description matched the scientific perspective.

Past life info from aura. Karmic blindness.


Hypnotic regression; trace fear back in therapy; may find it was fear based on previous life experience. When awoke from hypnosis, their fear was gone. Higher self connected to right brain; intuitive; may communicate in dreams.


Vibrational medicine therapeutics


Therapeutic touch: Bernard Grad McGill U studied psychic healing.

Two containers of salt solution; one container Oscar Estebany puts his hand on.

Use water from each container to water seeds; planted seeds and measured growth characteristics. Found that there was a statistically significant increase in growth of plants watered with Oscar treated water. Double blind study.


Used magnetic stirring rod to stir water; got increase in growth. Wounded mice healed faster with healer action.


Grad gave sealed jars of water to patients in psychiatric hospitals to hold. Water held by psychotically depressed patients caused growth retardation in barley seeds.


Water stores subtle energy.


Justice Smith looked at Grad’s research. Studied effect of magnetic fields on enzyme growth rates. Perhaps healers were able to effect enzymes. Estebany worked with her in New York. Found the longer he held the enzymes, the faster they would work. Substituted different types of enzymes; found that some enzymes would be sped up, some slowed down, and some were not effected. This made no sense to Smith till looked at biochemistry chart; showed where enzymes functioned in cell. Found that the direction of change of the enzymes was always towards greater health and energy balance. Test tubes of enzyme tripsin which were damaged by UV light healed and then increase in speed. Enzymes growth accelerated in way similar to the effect of being placed in a strong magnetic field, but this magnetic strength was not measured in hands of healers. Me life fields similar to magnetic fields,


Robert Smith Atlanta Georgia;

How is water changing? : found that   there was a change in the hydrogen binding in water molecules treated by healers. H2O is polar;

Positive end of H2O Molecules tend to line up with negative  ends of others; this is what causes surface tension. Healers were able to change the bonding so surface tension was altered.   Also effects crystilization patterns. Found a similarity between magnetically treated, and healer treated water. Olga Worrall able to achieve healing effect over several hundred miles. Smith measured rate of growth of rye grass. When Olga was close to the ryegrass, it accelerated growth rate. Also, when she and husband concentrated on sending healing energy from their home in Baltimore, 600 miles to the lab in Georgia, the rye grass growth accelerated instantaneously to 6 times its normal growth. When they stopped concentrating, it continued to grow at twice its normal growth rate.


Dolores Krieger, professor of nursing New York College of Nursing worked with Estebany. Krieger reasoned that if chlorophyll is increased in plants by healers, and hemoglobin is almost identical to chlorophyll, except it has iron atom instead or magnesium at center, would  humans treated by healer increase in hemoglobin? She gathered a group of patients with various disorders at a farmhouse. Half patients out in sunlight, half with Estebany. Not only did patients in the presence of the healer improve, but also their hemoglobin levels increased by statistically significant levels.


Gerber witnessed that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who were in the presence of healers also increased their hemoglobin levels. Healer could also transmit healing energy to water or organic materials such as cotton or wool. The energy could be then transmitted to the patients via the water,  wool or cotton.


This established that healing energy was real. Can anyone be taught to be produce healing energy? Krieger worked with Dora Coons, a clairvoyant and healer  to develop a nursing course on healing. They called it therapeutic touch. The students were called “Krieger’s Crazies”. What ever they practiced on, including animals,  improved their medical condition. Multi hospital studies found that people merely trained to do thereputic touch, with no born healing skills were able to raise hemoglobin levels. This tells us that healing is an innate skill.


Gerber considers it reasonable that healers are transmitting etheric life force energy, or could be Re-patterning of distorted etheric field or Rebalancing  of chakras. Greatest catalyst to healing is  unconditional Love.  


Homeopathy: like cures like. Samuel  Hahnemann  noticed that quinine, which is used  to treat malaria, itself causes fever & chills. He developed a series of homeopathic drug “proovings”; used medical students. Prepared by successive dilution & secussion (shaking); the more dilute,  the more powerful. What is happening? You are extracting subtle energy frequencies.


Resonance: everything has its own frequency; through empirical frequency  matching, match remedy symptoms to patient symptoms , supply correct vibrational frequency to patient; correct bio-informational  pattern to resonate with body’s natural frequency.


Voll machine: connects to an acupuncture system; place different homeopathic remedies in circuit; look for resonance reaction.

Arnica is a great universal homeopathic agent; good for bruises & fractures


Recommends buying home kit


Flower essences: tincture of flowers; place flowers in water in sunlight; use water.



Homeopathy was very popular in England in his time; he wanted an alternative;  found that flowers worked. There are 38 “Bach flower essences;” seem to neutralize negative emotion.

Bach was the first to develop a theory that some  disease was caused at a higher emotional level by higher subtle magnetic energy.

Today most popular Bach essences: : Sarato: for people who lack confidence in their own judgment and are always seeking advise. Elm for those overcome with responsibility.

Wild oat: for those with a sense of dissatisfaction with not having found their goal in life.

Most important: “rescue remedy” combo of five; for panic, fear, stage fright; anxiety Gerber has used it; found that patients were able to use it rather than valium or other addictive drugs. Able to “get off  of drugs. FE can be powerful.



Other flower tinctures can help healing disease, or subtle body

John fox Kevin Ryerson: channeled info on FE

FE can effect acupuncture points, biocrystalline system;

Recommends lab work to validate


Need outcomes based research rather than ignoring results if we do not understand them.


Acupuncture Points

12 point bilateral system

Drop of skin resistance at APs


Chi energy peaks for given organ at certain time of day


APs on ear: auricular medicine; form micromap of body; treat ear to treat body

Eyes, hands,  and feet also have micro maps of body


Inherited chi: stored in kidneys; Chi from food


Different theories for how AP works.


Can stimulate AP points via needle, pressure, shiatsu massage, electric probes,  ultrasound, soft laser.

Peter Mandel: color AP

FE to AP



Low states of entropy: highest order

At molecular level, ie musclke tissue;  looks crystalline.

Not only freq resonance but also shape or geometric resonance; ie, similarity in shape of crystal at molecular level, and shape of tissue


7 geometric crystal patterns; are associated with the 7 chakras


Crystals are a source of magneto-electrical (subtle) energy


Crystals also amplify not only  EM, but also subtle energy


Gerber has used bloodstone successfully to amplify the effects of thereputic touch on increasing hemoglobin levels.


Radionics: uses inherent vibrational frequency of body that may represent illness; work with symbolic energy and psychic energy of the healer.

Radionics Black Box” allows practitioner to tune into person at a distance; use a spot of blood, hair, photo; allows vibrational wave guide that allows practitioner to tune into patient at a distance and diagnose their illness. Need patients “frequency”

Can diagnose subtle energy body; can also focus healing energy back to patient.





Ray Potentcy Simulator Malcom Ray , researcher in England ; found that could use ‘remedy cards” with geometric design that seemed to represent a homeopathic remedy or FE; got these by mapping shape of energy field around small vials of the homeopathic remedies.

Put cards into the simulator, remedies produced by the simulator worked just like any other homeopathic remedy. Shows power of symbolic information.


EM devises: just electricity: TENs Transcutious Nerve Stimulaptrs; use on APs.

Craneo –stimulation devises releases endorphins

Bone stimulators that send pulded EM fields that make bone cells lay down new cells




Sound ultrasound


Pulsed sounds and light; brain entrainment; lull brain into alpha state


Monroe institute: found that OOB states could be induced by special sound frequencies: those of OOB experience.


Magnets north side against body relieves back pain; place over thymus gland to stimulate immune system.


We are dependent on the earth’s magnetic field. Found that if provided a 7.8 hertz pulsed magnetic  field, (shumann resonance) astronauts were much healthier.


Have found Magnitite crystals in humans.  Have found that healers produce bio entrainment  effect on patients: will have same brain frequencies a spatient: frequently this is the Shumann resonance frequency. Healers may be channeling in energy from earths magnetic field, which may also provide a carrier wave for other healing energies.


Rife frequencies; studied the ability of frequencos to destroy virus. Rife beam ray: was able to cure many cases of cancer.

This was suppressed by medical community.


Tape 3


Energies invested in past hurts that effect our current life. Need to reprogram old thoughts; release the past  (these thoughts


Thoughts are not just electrochemical in the brain; they are energetic subtle magnetic energy patterns thought forms that take on a life form of their own. These though forms can draw energy and people to you, either positive or negative. Intention and attitude and the emotional energy we charge those thoughts with are the key.


Visualization or auditory suggestion can help achieve your goal.


Unconscious does not understand negative, so need to avoid negative visualization

Need to be very specific in intention


Prayer is the best way to ask for help from the universe


Dr Robert Lifeman; night school: can attend classes and lectures at night on the astral plane

Dejavu; learned it In night school


Chafca caragula: book Breakthrough to Creativity interviewed psychics many of whom were highly successful CEOs;

Common experience: people remembered being in night school;  (dreams) can ask for help before go to sleep


Astral plane populated by teachers and guides


Angels:  as a culture we desperately want to believe in angels. Angels really do exist on higher spiritual plane.

They are there to help us to heal.


Many  religious philosophies teach of spiritual being s of light that bring assistance.


Devas: sanscrit: shining ones. Nature spirits;

weather Devas 


Each of us has guardian, warrior and healing angels.


Tape 3 side 1 part 2


Why do I  believe in angels?


Psychic friend who could see auric field and symbols told him had ability and connection with angelic realm.


Wife had clairvoyant abilities; could see chakras & symbols’





Sometimes GA work with synchronicity


Numerology; validated by your experience;


Some numbers tend to follow you around;

Phone number; credit card number


Divination systems tarot;


Work with your angels; begin day with ritual; attune


Mental program of how you want the day to go;

I pray that everything may flow incredibly miraculous smoothly & efficiently today and every day of my life.

Repeat 3 times a day



Techniques for healing yourself as well as others

Pink light: use when dealing with people you are in conflict with:

Send powerful pink rose quartz light from your heart center to the persons heart center;

Expand light out to fill their body and spiritual bodies with this light.


White light: surround self with healing protective

Rebounds negative with love


Karma heaing:

Violet flame energy:

Violet ray: Violet flame of spiritual alchemy and transformation


Imagine you are surrounded and protected and transmuted and transformed within a violet ray cylinder

St germain


Cut energy chords that connect your chakra energy to others that you feel have wounded you.