Foiled by Washington State, “Quantum Health” goes international.


Born Nasser Ordoubadi in 1956 in Tehran, Iran, the now Dr Noah McKay came to the US in 1974. He received his Bachelor of Science degree with a Magna Cum Laude in Biology in 1978, and was awarded his Doctorate in Medicine in 1983 from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.


He completed his internship at the Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle Washington in 1984 and began his medical career as a General Practitioner at the General Medical Clinics in Kenmore, Washington in 1985. 


In 1989 at the age of 33 he developed a serious viral heart condition, which was considered terminal by conventional medicine. He explored alternative medicine, and found that Yoga and breathing exercises such as the “Breath of Fire” improved his condition. He returned to medicine in Seattle, and although scorned by his colleagues, started a system of clinics offering a fully integrated program of alternative as well as traditional medicine and low cost health care insurance. He assembled a staff of 30 professionals; and the clinics developed into a successful multimillion dollar venture treating a hundred thousand patients a year.


In 1997, as he was preparing to go national with his new and very successful integrated health care system, he and key members of his staff were “busted” by the FBI. A four year legal battle with the Department of Justice ensued.


Despite this setback, he produced and hosted "The Medicine Man" Radio Show, aired on ABC's KOMO 1000 weekly for over a year beginning in 1998. Over 30 institutions and pharmaceutical companies provided support for the show with educational grants. His guests included dozens of physicians, as well as State Insurance Commissioner Debra Senn, and Governor Christine Gregoir .[1]


Ultimately however, the Establishment won out. The FBI had conducted hours of covert wiretaps of employee conversations and phone calls, had undercover FBI agents posing as patients, and took sixty clinic employees before a grand jury.


Based on a finding of facts by the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Dr. Ordoubadi pled guilty in federal court two counts of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and health care fraud. The found facts were drawn from three patient cases: One patient was prescribed excessive amounts of pain medication for an extended period of time; two patients were treated by a chiropractor or other specialist, yet the insurance carriers were billed by Dr. Ordoubadi. [2]


The lawsuit left Dr. Ordoubadi exhausted and bankrupt. He settled in a plea bargain for which he was fined $400,000 and sentenced to 35 months in prison beginning February 2001. All of his clinics were closed and thousands of patients were left without health care or insurance.


Dr. Ordoubadi felt his time in prison was inspirational and productive. He believes many of the 2.5 million people serving federal jail sentences in the US are really there for political reasons. Nine months into his sentence his patients brought a class action lawsuit against Washington state insurance companies for not providing alternative medicine in their coverage. Leading off with Regence Blue Shield, all of the companies quietly settled out of court, paying millions, and agreeing to provide coverage for alternative as well as traditional medicine. [3]


Since his release from prison, Dr. Nasser Ordoubadi  has perhaps understandably resurfaced with a new name; Dr. Noah McKay, and has established himself as a motivational speaker as well as an MD.


Dr. McKay Finally included quantum theory in his wellness formula, citing a number of quantum physicists, including David Bohm and John Bell, famous for his 1964 theory of non-locality.  Bell’s Theorem was validated experimentally by Alain Aspect in 1982 at the University of Paris. In essence, the theory of non-locality states that everything is connected at the quantum level, and non-local effects are possible instantaneously; i.e., faster than the speed of light.


Dr. McKay sees in non-locality the possibility of all of the trillions of cells of the human body working together to heal. His four LLAWs of healing are Love, Light from our DNA (biophotons) as well as the sun, Air and the subtle energies of Chi and Prana, and Water, meaning to avoid dehydration.


From his website,, most of his public appearances are found to have been in Washington and Oregon. Since 2006 however, Dr. McKay has received  the  enthusiastic support of the international tourism and hospitality industry. The third annual "Wellness Summit", held on October 22-25, 2008, was organized by the Philippines' Department of Tourism, "and brought together some of the world's best known doctors, medical experts, research scientists, and alternative practitioners who introduced to the assembled delegates, from dozens of countries, the cutting-edge treatments and protocols including important, time-tested, effective, traditional, healing therapies of present and ancient cultures." [4]

Thousands of medical tourists travel each year to India, China, Thailand, and the Philippines to have their major surgeries. The principal driving force is the high cost of medical care, especially in the US. The Wellness Summit's vision is to develop a wellness analog to medical tourism, called wellness tourism. While medical tourism relies on the treatment of the disease, usually through surgery, wellness tourism would focus on education and prevention.

With the support and collaboration of the Philippines Department of Tourism and the Department of Health, McKay's contribution to wellness tourism will be "Q Health" retreats, scheduled to begin in January 2009, at Tagaytay Highlands. [5]

Dr. McKay sees the 'Q Health Retreat as the future of health care, which will offer the latest technologies in healthcare in a package of services which embody the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of each human being. [6] 

He has published his insights in a book, Wellness at Warp Speed, published in 2007.


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