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Good Planets Are
Hard To Find

A record of the Seattle Mountaineer's discussion group on environmental issues,

These incomplete archives were salvaged when the url was shut down by Avid hosting, confiscated, and sold to a commercial venture.

Pollution and Health

A record of the volunteer work done for Washington Environmental Council and the Seattle Mountaineers on Pollution and Health issues by RA Herbst in the period 1995-2001

Science and the Mystery of the Natural World
Space1000000000000000000 Space11:

Taylor Energy Services:
Leak of the Twentieth Century

Washington post Oct 14 2018
(url not recoverable)

Science and the Mystery of the Natural World

The Earth's Exciting
Geomagnetic Energy Field

Graphic courtesy of Carlos Miralles (AeroVironment)
and Tom Nelson (FMA)

The Awesome Magesty of the Night Sky

Central region of the Orion Nebula

Some Developments in Astronomy

Climate Change:
More Than Just CO2 Emissions

NASA Graphic on Climate Change (since 1886)

Climate Change Stressors: from

Complexities on Climate Change

The Orb Zone: Orbs explained


Cymatics: Insights into the invisible world of sound
by Jeff Volk
[History, Hans Jenny, chaos theory, disintegration and re-integration at a higher order, cymatherapy]

A proposed relationship between light and sound:
research by John Stuart Reid

Nonlinear Dynamics

YouTube video:
Travel through multiple levels of the Mendelbrot Set
With music by Police Synchronicity
Order in the Chaos - Synchronicity through Fractals

Other interesting You Tube videos on fractals:
A tribute to Mendelbrot
Julia and Mendelbrot sets
How the Julia and Mandelbrot Sets are generated

Notes on
Steven Strogatz' Teaching Copany course
htm msdoc
Includes comparison of
quantum theory and chaos theory

Brief notes on James Gleick's book Chaos

Notes on Mitchel Waldrop's book Complexity

Complexity and the Economy
An article by Economist W. Brian Arthur
Science 2 April 1999

It's the Economics Model, Stupid
Washington Free Press article on
W. Brian Arthur's view of our economics model

Scientific American article:
From Complexity to Perplexity
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A Fractal Gallery

Julia in Mandelbrot set from: [mandelbrot]

Fractals on your computer

Benoit Mandelbrot
The Fractal Geometry of Nature

Science and Geometry of Nature

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Plasma and Solitons

Solitons play the role of order

Amazing natural phenomenon: Solitons

Disapative Structures
A property of turbulent chaos is that it contains the possibility of spontaneous self organization. The image above is of water just beginning to boil; the small hexagonal bubles are called Benard cells

The Power of Place:
Sacred Ground in Natural Human Environments
an anthology by James A. Swan

Studies in Earth Energy
image above from
Ayres Rock Australia