The Gene Wars
According to the book The Gene Wars, by Robert Cook-Deegan, Russia was behind in genetic research from the start, due to the repression of the Stalin regime, and had to scramble to catch up.
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A short summary of Russian genetics program from the book The Gene Wars: htm Doc

The Phantom DNA effect by Dr. Vladimir Poponin et al

PDNA effect references: htm Doc

PDNA effect references update: htm Doc

About Dr. Vladimir Poponin

Papers by Peter Gariave et al
DNA wave biocomputer [a Robert Neil Boyd website]

Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions Vol. I Nr. 2
The Wave, Probabilistic and Linguistic Representations of Cancer and HIV
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Vernetzte Intelligenz
A new rash of URL articles posted in Feb 2010 reference “Russian DNA discoveries”. The links are mostly to a summary of the German book Vernetzte Intelligenz, authors Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, with this prescript:

“All information is from the book "Vernetzte Intelligenz" von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, ISBN 3930243237. Article edited and translated from German.  Summarized and commented by Baerbel.”

For example:

A German Review of Vernetzte Intelligenz (translated by Google) htm Doc illustrates its scope. Although discussing Russian DNA research, including DNA Communication, acoustic and EM energy, and the phantom DNA effect, it also discusses the work of Stephen Hawking, Ed Witten, Rupert Sheldrake, Günter Nimtz, Fritz-Albert Popp, Frank Tipler, and Galileo.

Is it real?
From 2005-2008 questioned: Is the “DNA phantom effect” real?
Some forum participants expressed open minded interest in the concept. However, the forum concluded that this effect apparently has not been replicated by independent sources, and so could not be considered an established fact..

If its true, why isn’t this story all over the mainstream? Perhaps because it is “Frontier Science”.

One internet source suggests:
Wave Genetics Research Targeted by Russian Academy 'Skeptics':
“Wave Genetics has been researched principally in Russia, by a group of scientists around Dr. Peter Gariaev, the discoverer of the DNA phantom effect. That research has recently come to an abrupt halt, as a result of heavy handed intervention by some high level "skeptics" in the Russian Academy of Sciences. Skeptics are the watchdogs of orthodoxy. Those operating in the field of medicine call themselves quackbusters, but every scientific endeavor has their dedicated 'skeptics' who watch that no new paradigms should evolve and who attack anyone coming even close to changing the status quo in science.”

Could this be yet another cycle of political repression by the establishment?