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Hermann PLAUSON : Conversion of Atmospheric Electricity




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Biefeld-Brown high voltage field effect



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Gravitational anisotropy


Rudolf G. Zinsser


"Mechanical Energy from Anistropic Gravitational Fields"


Kinetobaric Effects"  or  Mechanical  Energy  from  Gravitational  Anisotropy  (MEGA)" .

Statement in opposition of MEGA:

Rudolf G. Zinsser developed, in the middle of the 20th century, a theory about "Kinetobaric forces" and/or " mechanical energy from a anisotropic gravitational field (MEGA)" .Zinsser stated to have caused, by implementing a new physical method, the release of a unknown process that would generate a drive impulse ( a so called angular momentum ). This drive impulse can be converted into mechanical energy . R. Zinsser  realized his theory experimentaly by installing high frequency line component elements (e.g. quarter-wave lines) in a water tank (activator), which was mounted on a torsional pendulum, linking into these elements (very small) high frequency energy. Causing a so far unknown triggered energy changing the gravitational characteristic of the activator. This behaivoir being observed by the drive impulse ". In the seventies W. Peschka ( DFVLR ) reproduced the experiment confirming R. Zinsser results. We replicated R. Zinssers experiment  according  to his specifications, noticed however, that the effects described by R. Zinsser were caused distinctly by warmth, respectively by air movements.