The Binary Research Institute
“The Binary Research Institute was formed in 2001 to support and fund research regarding the hypothesis that the Sun is part of a binary star system. It is the goal of the Binary Research Institute to present evidence for this theory, showing that the motion of the sun along a binary orbital path can result in and better explain the same precessional motion that current LuniSolar and Earth Wobble theories attempt to account for.”
“…ancient cultures around the world believed that history or consciousness moved in a huge cycle of time known as one precession of the equinox. Plato called it the Great Year. According to scholars such as Giorgio de Santillana, the former professor of the history of science at MIT, the ancient world almost universally embraced the idea of rising and falling phases of history (Dark and Golden Ages), known as yugas, suns, world ages, etc. to various cultures. And if you study the anthropology, archaeology and mythology of ancient civilizations very carefully you find not only that this belief was dominant but that many of the great ancient civilizations that had knowledge of geometry, mathematics, advanced engineering etc. did indeed decline into a world wide Dark Age – just as they predicted.”
“In summary, we find evidence that just as the earth has cycles of day and night due to the motion of its spin axis (causing waxing and waning periods of light and darkness), and just as the earth has cycles of seasons due to its tilted orbital motion around the sun (a result of waxing and waning interaction with the electromagnetic spectrum of the sun), so too might the earth experience waxing and waning phases on a much longer scale of history be due to the motion of the solar system around another star producing changes in the earth’s ionosphere, magnetosphere, and quite possibly, consciousness itself.”
Since 2004, the Binary Research Institute has sponsored an annual Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge(CPAK)
“Over the last five years CPAK has become the premiere gathering place for those interested in ancient cultures, lost knowledge and the cycle of the ages. Leading explorers, authors, professors and scientists make presentations and examine the latest archaeological finds, astronomical research and new interpretations of structures, myth and folklore that shed light on the true history of mankind. The result is an epiphany of awareness as we collectively begin to understand where we came from and where we are going in this ascending age.”
Past CPAK presenters (21) include William Sullivan, PhD,  John Dering, PhD, Carmen Boulter, PhD, Graham Hancock, Martin Gray, John Anthony West, and John Burke.
“One of our recent presenters at CPAK, scientist John Burke, author of Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty, has found that the magnetic polarity of the 66 remaining stones at Avebury are all positioned with their positive poles facing the next one in line – a discovery with huge implications! John took over a thousand readings with a flux magnetometer but how did the Ancients know about such subtle forces? And why did they align them in a pattern similar to a modern particle accelerator? Such discoveries suggest the megalithic builders understood certain electromagnetic properties and utilized them for purposes we have still not discovered.”