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Barbara Marx Hubbard: a futurist


Notes on:

Humanity Ascending … a new way through together

The documentary series featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard

Part 1: Our Story

Quantum Productions

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What is the meaning of all our new powers that is good?


What are positive images of the future equal to our new powers?


Considers an evolutionary spiral through the evolution of our universe from the stimulus of  the big bang to the present;

the stimulus of  the big bang she calls the Core;

this Core of the spiral is divinely intelligent; includes Origin of:  universe; earth; life; animal life; human life are each loops in the spiral.

We May be going to next loop of the spiral

Lessons learned from  previous cycles or loops:

Quantum transformations are natures tradition;

The nature of nature is to transform;

Crisies precede transformation & problems are evolutionary drivers;

Single cells proliferated in the sea; stagnated; they could go no further;

multiple cell organisms developed.

Nature creates whole new systems out of separate parts: “synergy”

These new systems are greater than and different from the sum of the parts

When a species is young, it is competitive, eats up its resources;

If does not learn, will become extinct.

Homo sapiens sapiens knows it knows: self reflective consciousness emerges

Language; surplus, arts;

great personalities evolve; religions founded on them;

suggests they comprehend the Core of the spiral: include:

Isaiah in Israel

Zoroaster Pursia;





Today More and more people are yearning to transcend self reflective consciousness;

Democracy “nothing can stop it”

Science & technology are our tools;

“Awareness of our capacities for conscious evolution is the key revelation of the 21st century”

This intelligent species is getting a signal: evolve or die


Tielhard de Chardon; Catholic Jesuit anthropologist

Saw god in evolution; evolving to ever greater complexity; ever higher order

Forsaw a time when complexity would become so great that there would be an awakening of the “Nousphere”; the thinking layer of earth would awaken and we would experience ourselves as a whole. Ie a single being.


[This is analogous to coherence of photons in a laser, and the Bose Einstein condensate of subatomic particles. Note that the biophotons of a single human being are coherent;

So what about the biophotons of multiple people  being coherent? All people being coherent?]



“Patriarchal leaders, in a dominator structure at the heads of existing institutions and nation-states, cannot guide our species to the next stage of evolution.”


Failure of institutions; no evolutionary agenda


Einstein said “Our problems cannot be resolved in the same state of consciousness as we are creating them.”


In the year 2000: people were expecting something new:

[what did they get? The attacks of 9/11]


“It has become evident that the psycho-spiritual evolution of the individual is going much faster than the societal transformation is able to keep up with”


During late transition, everything is accelerating: problems, solutions


We are in the midst of a quantum jump


We may see that our new capacities are given to us as the tools of our conscious evolution. We are becoming universal human beings.


Metamorphisis of a catepiller to  a butterfly: The caterpillar in its chrysalis; within it imaginal disks are carrying new genetic code for the butterfly. The caterpillar’s body recognizes the disks as foreign and tries to kill them with the immune system (assassinations of 1960s). Eventually imaginal disks  proliferate and form imaginal cells; they connect and resonate; finally the caterpillar gives up, and the imaginal cells take the substance of the caterpillar and transform it into the butterfly.


Recently millions of people have begun to wake up. They are beginning to resonate & coalesce. The original Core of the spiral is breaking through. What could We become?


Could We shift the energy from devolution competition and destruction; if We could, the positive possibilities could be limitless.