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By William Berkson Published 1974 Routledge
"Faraday did not reject the existance of the electrotonic state. He only wished to withdraw it as a theory which had been independently tested. p 334.

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Maxwell introduced an extra term to Ampère's Circuital Law. This extra term is the time derivative of electric field and is known as Maxwell's displacement current. Maxwell's modified version of Ampère's Circuital Law enables the set of equations to be combined together to derive the electromagnetic wave equation.

Although Maxwell's equations were known before special relativity, they can be derived from Coulomb's law and special relativity if one assumes invariance of electric charge.

This in turn leads to a very interesting parallel with gravity in that the same reasoning can be applied to Newton's law of gravitation leading to a gravitational equivalent of Maxwell's equations. See gravitomagnetism for more information.[i]

 He also established that light has a radiation pressure,  and suggested that a whole family (spectrum) of radiations must exist, of which light is only one. (Confirmed in 1888 with the discovery of radio waves.) Proposed a kinetic theory of gasses, which was later modified by Ludwig Boltzmann in 1868 to the Maxwell-Boltzman distribution law.  Maxwell also did research in color vision. [ii]

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“Universe as a Hologram” The problem I see with that is that for their to be a hologram, for example of an apple, there must have been the original apple from which to construct the hologram