Climate Change

Factors influencing climate change include radiation from the sun (see sunspots below), in addition to greenhouse gas emissions and venting of volcanic steam under the oceans.


·         A March 2010 update: sunspot activity has begun in 2010, as predicted. So maybe we don’t need to worry about another ice age, at the moment.


The following website shows sunspot number for march 18 2010  is 28

Spotless Days:
Current Stretch: 0 days
2010 total: 6 days (8%)
2009 total: 260 days (71%)
Since 2004: 776 days




Note from Doug Collins, editor of Washington Free Press:
You might be interested in following analysis of 2007 temperatures. Apparently according to some datasets, it was actually the coldest year of this century, and only according to one dataset was it tied with 1998. It's possible that the NASA dataset for that year was scaled back in a revision since then, since the most current NASA revision again shows 1934 as hottest, according to what I've read. Trouble is, there have been quite a few revisions to their dataset, even since 2000.

The 2007 analysis I noticed is at:
Jan 4 2008

Washington Free Press: issue 97: Mar/Apr 2009


Although sunspot activity reached a 1000 year high in 2004, and although normally global temperature varies with number of sunspots, as of 2009 no warming was seen since 2002:

Washington Free Press: issue 96: Jan/Feb 2009


2008 is in the trough between sunspot 11 year maximums. Very few sunspots were seen:

International Climate Science Coalition: Feb 9 2008


Data contradicts data from WA Free Press, above:

Science Daily: January 17 2008


2004 is past the 11 year date of sunspot maximums:

BBC UK: July 6 2004