Omega radio transmitters

In 1905 physics genius Nikola Tesla submitted his US patent 787,412 which describes "The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums", and includes a design for a series of worldwide generators. It is beyond doubt this patent led to the construction of the Omega network of radio transmitters erected around the world between 1963 and 1982, officially for the purpose of global navigation, though navigation is its least important function.
Joe Vialls on Tesla's patent to transmit electrical energy

"The 450 metre tall Omega mast at Darriman, Victoria, is perhaps the largest US top secret military project hidden in the open, carefully disguised as a vaguely inaccurate navigation transmitter dedicated to the worthy cause of maritime emergency services. In reality Omega is an extremely accurate, strategic navigation system emitting an electromagnetic field so powerful it poses a health threat to Australian citizens in Victoria and beyond."
Information on an omega transmitter in Australia