Hal Puthoff statement from Disclosure: Military and Governmant Witnesses Revealthe Greatest Secrets in Modern History Compiled by Steven M. Greer Crossing Point Inc PO Box 265 Crozet Va

"So, the impliction then is, if you can manipulate the zero-point energy so you can get it out of the way, then if something tried to accelerate you, it would be easy. You would have no inertia.... In fact the Air Force was sufficiently interested in this that they set up a program called Mass Modification, in which my colleagues and I were interviewed to find out all the details of our modeling inertia as a vacuum fluctuation phenomena, that might, in principle, be manipulated to see if there was a possibility, in some far distant future, of reducing the inertia of a spaceship so that ordinary propulsive means could be used with relatively low energy requirements." p.524.