Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way
Edited by Ellen Ray and Willam H. Schaap Ocean Press, 2003

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While Washington opts for "first strikes" against Iraq and other nations declared to be part of the "Axis of Evil" for stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, this book proves that the United States itself has been the most notorious practitioner of chemical and biological warfare since blankets laced with smallpox were given to Native Americans 250 years ago.

This well-document book backgrounds numerous cases of the development and use of chemical-biological warfare by the United States, including anthrax, Agent Orange, nerge gas, dioxin, and depleted uranium. Such action has endangered U.S. citizens and armed forces personnel as well as "target populations," who will continue to suffer if Washington's belligerence remains unchecked. From the editors of "Covert Action" Magazine.

Exerpts from the book: