Mysterious Water

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The paper considers arguments for and against memory of water and homeopathy, in the context of Thomas Kuhn’s book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Are Hallucinations Just Delusions?

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Hallucinogenic drugs may induce various states of cognition, and a growing body of literature suggests such substances may help us understand some of the underpinnings of consciousness. Perceptions resulting from DMT, an endogenous neurotransmitter, may allow access to verifiable data as well as provide psychotherapeutic benefits. Hallucinations may occur in the general population, and even the hallucinations of schizophrenics may reflect some larger reality. Based on these observations, our concept of “mind” as well as “hallucination” may need to be redefined.

further evolution

As you may notice, in the website I have abandoned the idea of using MS Excel to organize my materials. I now am now merely using a MS doc page with links to articles. In this file, “file catalog upload”, I provide the name, the link, key names and key words. The file is roughly organized by topic, and within topic roughly alphabetically. My intention is to continue to update “file catalog upload” until it contains references to all of my research.


More About This Site

This website originated as a collection of hypertext links to documents on my computer I had read or written about; things that interested me.  The hyperlink seemed a good way to access files.  At some point I decided other people might be interested in reading some of this material, so I posted it on the domain seekinglight.  I developed a graphic format and fancy label tags.

Sensing there is much more to science than what we are seeing in the mainstream led to the launching of the paradigmshiftnow website and posting of the paper About This Site.  I retained the graphic format and tags, but concentrated on the content of concepts from books and articles I had read. Although diverse, the general theme is science and spirituality, and how science has been hijacked by the technocrats to produce more gadgets.

A process seemed to develop on my site of collecting a package of related ideas, via links, inserting some commentary, and calling the result “rough research.”  From the rough research topics, more thoroughly researched papers evolved, summarizing ideas and adding commentary.  Some of these papers were rewritten.  Why???  Because it’s fun!

To those who view these files, I offer an apology, sort of, for the old fashioned HTML coding and lack of a content management system (CMS).  I have decided that I really DO need a CMS, as files and topics I would start would get lost in the directories.

I decided the most straightforward way to manage all those files which have already been written is to enter them into an Excel spreadsheet.  From this I should be able to find wayward topics and wayward pieces of information that may fit into the topics already posted.  I am thinking of posting that excel spreadsheet on the paradigmshiftnow website, so all of you can see the pieces, if you are so inclined.  A sample is currently uploaded to the website.