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Key Information

Brief "Shift" Biographies

Updated January 1 2013
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Brief Bibliographies and notes on Selected Works :

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New June 2012:

Publications of Possible Interest:




Notes on selected works and topics:





The Gnostics

Andrew Phillip Smith

Watkins Publishing; London 2008

htm Doc


The Roscrucian Enlightenment

Frances Yates, Warburg Institute

U of London

Barnes & Noble 1972

htm Doc


A brief survey of Tesla's Accomplishments
Based largely on Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius. Mark Seifer Citadel Press 1996
htm Doc


The Man Who Changed Everything: The Life of James Clerk Maxwell
Basil Mahon, Wiley, 2004
htm Doc



  • Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach Norton 2005
    htm Doc
  • Biocircuits: Amazing New Tools For Energy Health by Leslie Patten HJ Kramer inc. 1988
    htm Doc
  • Light Years Ahead: The Illustrated Guide to Full Spectrum and Colored Light in Mindbody Healing
    A collection of essays
  • Exploring Vibrational Medicine
    Sounds True audio tape set Dr. Richard Gerber
    htm Doc
  • Unbelievable: The story of J.B. Rhine and the scientists at Duke University in their quest for a scientific exploration of the paranormal
    Stacy Horn, Harper Collins, 2009
    htm Doc
  • The Cosmic Serpent
    Jeremy Narby, Penguin Books, 2002 htm
  • The Biological Effects of Quantum Fields
    Glen Rein
    Originally published in Frontier Perspectives, Vol. 7:16-23, 1998
    htm Doc
  • The Field

Lynn McTaggart. Quill Books 2001.

[notes in three parts: Hal Puthoff; Fritz-Albert Popp; Jacques Benveniste]

Notes on The Field
Chapter 2; the Sea of Light, from "The Field"



notes: fea_marateck_notes.doc


  • Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy

D.L. Hotson Infinite Energy 2002
original link:

notes: htm MSdoc

  • How the Hippies Saved Physics David Kaiser Norton 2011
    htm MSdoc
  • Science Wars: What Scientists Know and How They Know It Steven Goldman PhD Teaching Company DVD set 24 Lectures
    htm MSdoc
  • Faust in Copenhagen: a struggle for the soul of physics Gino Segre Viking 2007
    htm MSdoc
  • Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information Vlatko Vedral, Oxford University Press 2010
    htm MSdoc
  • On the Amazing Coincidences of Existence
    Commentary from Richard Wolfson, PhD; Ervin Laszlo, PhD; Paul Davies, PhD; Hugh Ross, PhD
    htm Doc
  • The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing
    A collection of essays edited by Richard Dawkins, Oxford Press, 2008
    htm Doc
  • Superforce
    Paul Davies, Touchstone Books, 1984
    htm Doc
  • The Black Hole War
    Leonard Susskind, Little, Brown & Company, 2008
    htm Doc


·        Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea NEW July 1 2013


·        Constructing Quarks: A Social History of Particle Physics
Andrew Pickering, University of Chicago Press, 1984 NEW Nov 2012

..\paradigm_shifting\constructing quarks.htm

..\paradigm_shifting\constructing quarks.doc

·        The Fingerprints of God

Barbara Bradley Hagerty Riverhead Books 2009 NEW Nov 2012

..\spirituality\Fingerprints of god.htm

..\spirituality\Fingerprints of god.doc

  • Theory of Brain Function, Quantum Mechanics and Superstrings
    D.V. Nanopoulos,
    Center for Theoretical Physics, Texas A&M; Huston Advanced Research Center; CERN Theory Division. A Los Alamos National Lab Publication.
    htm Doc
    Download original paper from:
  • Humanity Ascending … a New Way Through, Together; Part 1: Our Story
    DVD featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard, 2009
  • The Intention Experiment
    Lynn McTaggart, Free Press, 2007
    htm Doc
  • Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind
    F. David Peat, Bantam Books, 1987
    htm Doc
  • The Philosopher's Stone: Chaos, Synchronicity, and the Hidden World Order F. David Peat, Bantam Books, 1991
  • Paradigm Wars
    Mark Woodhouse, North Atlantic Books, 1996
    htm Doc


Updated 7/01/2013

UFO Resources ..\paradigm_shifting\ufo_resources.doc

Rough Research [few words, lots of links]

·        Update on Scientific Dissidence

October 2012

..\paradigm_shifting\update on scientific dissidence.doc  


  • Endogenous  DMT

September 2012



  • Family Constellations [Energetic healing through generations]

September 2012

family constellation therapy.doc


  • Local Cesium radionuclide testing results: Snohomish WA: A summary

July 2012

..\natural_world\fukishima rad.doc


  • Nitric Oxide: A quick look at NO More Heart Disease

A book by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro 2005,

with research links


..\paradigm_shifting\Nitric oxide.doc

..\paradigm_shifting\Nitric oxide.htm


  • Gödel
    msDoc htm
  • Notes on Matti Pitkanen and his Topological GeometroDynamics theory

    htm MSDoc
  • Afterlife? updated October 2012
    htm MSDoc
  • Critical notes on Milo Wolff’s spherical standing wave theory of matter
    htm MSdoc
  • 2012 Jitters
  • Climate Change: Sunspots are back, as predicted
    Updated 3/20/2010
    htm Doc
  • The Heart Brain Earth DNA Interpersonal Spiritual Health Connection
    updated 01/30/2011
    htm Doc
  • What's Going On At Temple University?
    htm Doc
  • Developing Scientific Dissidence
  • Russian Genetic Research

Glossery of science in transition terms:

Updated 01/01/2013
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Institutions for Science in Transition:

Updated 3/28/2010

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Paradigm Shift Now Papers

Are “Hallucinations” Just Delusions? (Updated Mar 1 2013)

..\spirituality\Are hallucinations just delusions.doc


Electron Models (New August 7 2012)

electron models.doc

electron models.htm


Scientific Dissidence (A Revolution in Science) Updated 3/29/12

..\paradigm_shifting\scientific dissidence.doc

..\paradigm_shifting\scientific dissidence.htm


Grand Unification: updated 1/25/2012

..\fundamental_reality\Grand Unification.htm

..\fundamental_reality\Grand Unification.doc


Consciousness: A quick Look 12/16/2011




Heart Consciousness: A survey




Water: A Brief Survey



New 9/28/11


EMF Detection from the Human Body

(Formerly Voltages From the Human Body)

Updated 3/17/11

New 3/09/11

..\human_energy_field\EMG project\EMF Detection from the Human Body.doc

..\human_energy_field\EMG project\EMF Detection from the Human Body.htm


Electromagnetic Models

New 1/25/11

..\human_energy_field\vo_hef_electromagnetic models.htm

..\human_energy_field\vo_hef_electromagnetic models.doc


Survey: Toward the scientific validation of the Human Energy Field (HEF)

Updated 1/13/12




My experience with solar power in Washington state
New 7/21/2010




Scalar Energy Controversy

..\paradigm_shifting\scalar energy controversy.htm

..\paradigm_shifting\scalar energy controversy.doc


Scientists, Alchemy, Religion, and Spirituality
Updated 1/24/2010



Knowledge Truth Reality Math New 1/25/12:

..\fundamental_reality\knowledge truth reality math.doc
..\fundamental_reality\knowledge truth reality math.htm


Reflections on Mathematics as a Foundation For Reality




The Case For Subtle Energy
New: 1/ 2010






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