Developing Scientific Dissidence 
Natural Philosophy Alliance
The Natural Philosophy Alliance was founded in 1992 in order to promote new ideas in the world of physics and cosmology. Everyone who is a member agrees that the current state of physics and cosmology is a mess and needs lots of work including abandoning many mainstream ideas.
A database of 500 physics dissidents who, in one form or another, see space as filled with an aether, which forms the basis of what is manifested as physical existence.

Jean de Climont

“A pseudonym adopted by the Trust of Fluid Mechanics specialists (the associated engineers) Jean de Climont Associates Ltd.

“The Trust objective is to develop physical and computerised modelling of fluid mechanics and gas kinetics phenoma complying with experiments, both for conventional fluids (perfect, superfluid and viscous fluids including de Gennes flows) and for new fluid concepts (i.e. made of corpuscles owing six freedom degrees, with stochastic linear and angular moments, instead of three).

“This approach is not Unified. The associated engineers don’t favour the totalitarist hegelian view of an unified knowledge of Universe. They rather adopt an opened, distinguished, diversified standpoint. They reject the mathematical finality of science, inherent to the  progressist and positivist approaches. The computerised modelling, used for a long time  in biology, is a far more powerful means than pure mathematics.

They issued a worldwide database of dissidents including about 4000 names.