the search for quantum gravity has inspired a search for ways SR might be modified.

a deeper look at some experiments that appear to refute SR:

Group velocity >c in anomalous dispersive media

Visible superluminal astronomical sources: apparent speed is greater than c, actual speed > c

Michelson and Morley (!): errorbars are from a histogram of the values that were averaged.

They are dominated by the systematic error.

Dayton Millerís repetition of the MMX:

Because of the large errorbars of his results, his resultsare not statistically significant.

Dayton kept enough data so that the systematic error could be documented and modeledand subtracted out.

In a reanalysis,it was concluded that Miller was unknowingly looking at insignificant patterns in the systematic error that mimicked the appearance of a real signal.

Aether theories: the Lorentz Ether Theory remains valid today (except for quantum phenomena)

Problems for Aether theories: if light is propagated as a wave in the Aether, how does quantization of light arise?

How do absorption spectra arise?

Summary: amateurs look at patterns; professionals look at errorbars. Measure your systematic errors.

Today SR stands unrefuted experimentally

SR and its Lorentz invariant have been instrumental in the search for new fundamental thories: GR, QED, Electro-weak, QCD, the Standard Model.

But this may not be true in the future: quantum gravity may violate SR

QG may have detailed structure at the Plank scale.